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The LAMS Foundation (Norway)


The LAMS Foundation in Norway was established in 2000 to contribute to ensuring oversight and to provide strategic direction and support to the management and further development of LAMS, and works in close collaboration with the school's administration and management. The Foundation is registered as a charity in Norway.


Beyond contributing to running a school for children in Sultan Town, the LAMS Foundation also seeks to contribute to ensuring a sustainable social and economic growth and development of the local community. Despite the many challenges faced by the school and in the local community, based on twenty years of experience, we are confident that LAMS has contributed positively to the local community.


The LAMS Foundation board

The LAMS Foundation is managed by a board consisting of the following five members:

  • Amar Bokhari, chairperson of the board
  • Tina Shagufta, board member
  • Laila Bokhari,, board member
  • Inge Aarhus, board member
  • Eystein Brandt, board member


The board meets regularly and is responsible for all matters relating to the orderly functioning of the Foundation. No remuneration is provided to board members. The board issues an annual report outlining all activities in the previous year. These are currently available in Norwegian language only. The board may be contracted at


History, purpose and action plan

The LAMS Foundation in Norway was established in 2000 and is registered as a charity with the Norwegian Foundation Authority (Enhetsregisteret, Brønnøysund, Lotteri- og Stiftelsestilsynet, 982 405 955). The Foundation's purpose is to support LAMS, a school that was established in 1996 to provide education to the children of the staff at the Bokhari/Norpak textile factory, as well as other childrent in Sultan Town, subject to availability of space.


In its 2018-2020 Strategy and Action Plan, the LAMS Foundation seeks to ensure that LAMS continues to provide comprehensive education in line with national education authorities' direction and curricula, and to provide this within a child-friendly space to students from pre-school to secondary (4 to 18 years), with a particular attention to girls' needs. At the same time, LAMS aims to be a progressive arena where students are provided opportunities to realise their true and full potential, develop and grow their confidence and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to empower them. LAMS will also contribute to ensuring a sustainable social and economic development in the local community in Sultan Town, and will remain a model school in Pakistan.


To realise this vision, the LAMS Foundation in Norway will focus on five key areas of intervention: i) ensure quality education, ii) prevent dropouts, iii) initiate initiatives to promote vocational and skills-based training and employment opportunities, iv) focus on enviromental and sustainable solutions, and v) contribute to the improvement of students' health by focusing on preventive care.


The LAMS Foundation aims to do so by: i) contributing financial resources to the management and further development of LAMS, ii) contribute substantially with advice, knowledge sharing and draw on experiences from elsewhere to ensure a sustainable development of LAMS, iii) advocting and promoting children's the right to education, with a particular focus on girls education, by sharing the LAMS experience.


The close collaboration with BOKHARI will remain a key partnership, particularly in efforts to strengthen and build a robust, resilient and sustainable local community.


All resources raised in Norway towards LAMS are adminstered by the LAMS Foundation. Resources will be administered in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. This ensures full transparency and accountability, and effective use of funds. The LAMS Foundation registered in the Norwegian Foundation Authority (Lotteri- og Stiftelsestilsynet) and is audited annually.


You may contact the LAMS Foundation in Norway through

Stilftelsen LAMS (LAMS Foundation - Norway)

Oscars gate 88, 0256 Oslo, Norway 982405955, Kontonr. 6188.56.69742, Vipps #544498