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Bokhari supports LAMS


Bokhari produces beautiful, hand made textile products in a factory adjacent to LAMS. By doing so, we provide jobs for nearly 300 women and men in Sultan Town, and thus contribute to building a brighter future for everyone. Most importantly, however, Bokhari provides Sultan Town with educational opportunities for its children through LAMS.


The businessman, humanist and feminist Yawar Bokhari estabished Bokhari (Norpak International) in 1989 and the factory soon became the biggest and most important employer in Sultan Town.


The factory provided much sought after employment opportunities to the locals and as soon news spread that the factory was expanding and hiring, more people started moving to Sultan Town. Within a few years, the population grew from 5,000 to 15,000.


But while the business was doing well, and Sultan Town prospered, Yawar Bokhari soon realised that children did not go to school. He also noticed the difficult circumstances many women lived under. Something had to be done.


Following a brief consultation with family members, Yawar Bokhari decided to build a school for the children of the factory's staff, and in 1996 the foundation stone of Laila Amar Model School (LAMS) was laid. Laila and Amar were Yawar Bokhari's daughter and son, who inherited both the business and school project following Yawar Bokhari's death in 2012. Today, Amar Bokhari has taken over the overall management of Bokhari, whereas the LAMS Foundation (Norway) has the oversight of LAMS.


Bokhari remains true to its original vision and continues to contribute to creating a safe, healthy and sustainable enviroment for its staff and their families. By providing free education to all its staff's children, we believe that we are contributing to building a brighter future. A good quality education is the foundation of progress. With its nearly 700 students, mostly girls and around half daughters and sons of factory staff, we are making a significant impact on the local community. Many of the girls are the first in the families to read and write.


The LAMS Foundation in Norway works in close collaboration with Bokhari to ensure that all support provided to LAMS is coordinated and consolidated, and contributes to the overall approved vision and strategy for the period 2016-2020.


When you purchase a product from Bokhari, you contribute to ensuring children's right to education, especially girls'. Proceeds from the sales of Bokhari products contribute to running and developing LAMS.


In Norway, you can find a wide range of Bokhari products at Kid Interiør, Bokhari tote bags can also be found at Jernia,


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