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Photos and videos from LAMS

We've collected a range of photos and videos from LAMS. We hope they will provide you a visual impression of the LAMS campus and the daily lives of its students.


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We have collected a series of photos from our 20-year old history. Established in 1996 with only 5 classrooms and 150 students, today the LAMS campus consists of 30 classrooms, a library, a school health centre and nearly 700 students. We've come a long way. Join this visual tour of our story.

Videos from LAMS


Here are a few videos from LAMS we think you will enjoy. Make sure to turn up the volume and enjoy.

Photos: The LAMS campus

See photos of the LAMS campus, including the main building (Senior Section), the Junior Section, Laila Library and Alma & Selma Block.

At LAMS, everyone's a star. In a series of video interviews, you get to meet the Stars of LAMS. Watch them tell us a little about themselves, their families and why they like their school.

We've put together a series of portraits of some of the 700 LAMS students for your viewing pleasure. We hope you'll enjoy.

Speakers' Corner is the most famous location for free speech in the world. Located in London's Hyde Park, now LAMS also has its own Speakers' Corner students are encouraged speak freely, debate and discuss. See more photos and a video from the Speakers' Corner at LAMS here.

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