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You may also support LAMS, and at the same time contribute to the long-term sustainable livelihoods of the local community, by purchasing Bokhari-products that are made by the parents LAMS students in a factory adjacent to the school.


An exciting collection of interior textile products is manufactured at Bokhari and currently exported to Norway and Scandinavia. In Norway, the main distributor is Kid Interiør that sells rugs, potholders, table mats, tote bags, baskets, runners and much more. The sale of Bokhari products contribute to the annual running costs and future development of LAMS.


All the nearly 300 staff at the Bokhari factory are offered free education at LAMS for their daughters and sons. Whereas the parents work in the factory, their children study at the adjacent LAMS school.


The LAMS Foundation in Norway works in close collaboration with Bokhari to ensure that all support provided to LAMS is coordinated and consolidated, and contributes to the overall approved vision and strategy for the period 2016-2020.


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