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LAMS Ambassadors initiative was established in 2013 to enable friends and supports of LAMS to contribute to the long-term development and improvement of the school.


Though primarily targeted at a Norwegian audience, as currently most information material related to LAMS Ambassador initiative is available in Norwegian language only, we welcome non-Norwegian speakers who are interested in the initiative and wil do our utmost to provide all relevant information in English too.


Below follows a brief outline of the LAMS Ambassador initiative:


  • By becoming a LAMS Ambassador you too can contribute to the further development of LAMS, and play your part in promoting the vision that all children, especially girls, should have the right to quality education.
  • Since 1996, LAMS has provided quality education to hundreds, if not thousands, of girls and boys in Sultan Town. To ensure continued provision of quality education, we count on the support from friends around the world.
  • As LAMS Ambassador, you're invited to donate a monthly amount of NOK 100 (USD 12) or more over a period of three years, a total of NOK 3600 (USD 432).
  • Together with other Ambassadors, your contribution will play a significant part in ensuring contiued provision of quailty education at LAMS, and enable the school to develop further.
  • As LAMS Ambassador, you will receive regular updates about the school and activities organised by the LAMS Foundation (Norway).


Interested? Or maybe a nice gift to a friend or family member? All LAMS Ambassadors are provided a diploma.


All resources raised in Norway towards LAMS, including through the LAMS Ambassador initiative, are adminstered by the LAMS Foundation (Norway). Resources will be administered in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. This ensures full transparency and accountability, and effective use of funds. The LAMS Foundation registered in the Norwegian Foundation Authority (Lotteri- og Stiftelsestilsynet) and is audited annually.


To make a contribution to LAMS, please use the following bank account details:

Name of Account: LAMS Foundation

Name of Bank: Nordea Bank Norway ASA

IBAN number: NO60 6188 5669 742


Account number: 6188 56 69742


Get in touch if you would like to know more about the LAMS Ambassador initiative:


Here are a few options for how you can support LAMS, click on each to learn more:

  1. Become a LAMS Ambassador
  2. Donate, organise a fundraiser or an auction
  3. Purchase Bokhari-products


Stilftelsen LAMS (LAMS Foundation - Norway)

Oscars gate 88, 0256 Oslo, Norway 982405955, Kontonr. 6188.56.69742, Vipps #544498