About us

The LAMS school in Pakistan is an initiative that, in collaboration with the textile producer BOKHARI (Norpak International), offers quality education to 700 girls and boys aged 4 to 18 years. Most students are the children of staff at BOKHARI. LAMS offers education, as well as a secure place for children to learn, play and build their confidence for a brighter future.

Education for All 


A school, a future

Photos and videos

We have collected some interesting photos and videos that we hope will provide you a view of LAMS, and the daily life of students and teachers 

at their school.

Our history

LAMS was established in 1996 with 5 classrooms, 150 students and 3 teachers. Today: 30 classrooms,

a library, a school health centre,

700 students and 40 teachers.


LAMS has a unique collaboration with the textile producer Bokhari. Together we contribute to sustainable development in the local community.

The LAMS Foundation (Norway)

The LAMS Foundation is a Norwegian-registered charitable organistion established to support and promote the management and furtehr development of the LAMS school in Pakistan.

Our target is to contribute to sustainable social and economic development and growth in the local community through focussing on strengthening education facilities, as well as contribute to increasing knowledge and awareness about all children's right to education, especially girls.   

Stilftelsen LAMS (LAMS Foundation - Norway)

Løvenskiolds gate 8b, 0263 Oslo, Norway

Org.nr 982405955, Kontonr. 6188.56.69742, Vipps #544498