Since the LAMS school was established in 1996, thousands of girls and boys have passed through the school gates and become part of the LAMS adventure.

Among the graduates from LAMS today we find teachers, bank clerks, health workers, engineers, police and businesswomen. Many of the girls are the first in their families to be able to read and write - and several of them today contribute to the family's main income.

In the video above you meet Sania, who is now a police officer and who herself says that "Everything I am today is me because of LAMS".

Every student at LAMS has their own story. Here you will meet some of them.

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Hello - I'm Mubarra. I also have four sisters who attend LAMS. When I grow up I want to be a doctor or maybe the prime minister.


I am Hina and study in ninth grade. I'm soon graduating from LAMS and I would like to be a doctor. I know it will be hard to achieve, but I will try.


My name is Farhan and I love to borrow my dad's bike to school. I'm in the second grade, and I love my school and playing with my friends. 


We are three siblings who all go to LAMS - in fifth, second and third grade. We are lucky, because mum and dad work at the weaving mill next door.


Hello - we are in the third grade and are best friends! We always have been and we always will be. We think our school is so nice!


My name is Muskan and I am in the tenth grade. Soon I will finish at LAMS, then I want to study and become a doctor. I know it's hard, but I've promised myself I'll try.


I'm Memoona and I am the older sister of two siblings who also attend LAMS. I'm in the fourth grade and I think it's fun with English and maths, and a bit of science.


We are all in ninth grade and we like our school! Most of all, we like that we can be ourselves here at school, and we can spend time with good friends.


My name is Subhan and I am in the second grade. I like to play cricket and play with my friends. I like my school.


I'm Iqra and I am in the seventh grade. I also have two siblings who also go to school here. My favorite subject is science and I want to be a doctor.


I am Muskan and I'm in the fifth grade and I think my school is the best school in the world. I want to be a teacher at LAMS when I grow up.


Hello. We're in fifth grade and we're the coolest guys in school. Most of all we like gym - because then we can play cricket and run around the schoolyard.