Designed in Norway. Crafted in Pakistan.

We bring you products for a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Bokhari products help to ensure the operation and further development of the LAMS school. Not by using a share of any surplus,

it is too risky for the running of the school. In our business model, the operation of the LAMS school is an integral part of the operating budget of the weaving mill.

Ever since our inception in the late 1980s, we have been a leading player in responsible textile production,

where both people and the planet are in focus.

We see opportunities where others see limitations. We see potential in renewable materials and the people behind them.

Today, we design, produce and deliver an exciting range of handmade interior and textile products,

designed and produced with responsibility and sustainability in focus.

At Bokhari, Scandinavian design and Pakistani craftsmanship are combined in beautiful quality products.

To create safe and decent jobs for hundreds of artisans in Pakistan,

and ensure schooling for their children at the LAMS school next door to the weaving mill,

we have more legs to stand on:

Bokhari merch

A wide selection of quality products for brand building and branding. We also offer silkscreen, transfer and digital printing.

Bokhari interior

Our own collection of exclusive interior and textile products.

Bokhari home

Selected partners are offered the opportunity to develop products and collections in collaboration with us.

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