Do you want to help ensure all children's right to quality education?

Do you want to help give girls a brighter future?

Do you want to support LAMS?

You can help ensure the operation and further development of the LAMS school in at least four ways:

i) Donate a one-off contribution (see below details)

ii) Give a fixed monthly amount (see below details)

ii) Start a fundraising campaign on Facebook etc.

iv) Buy a Bokhari product (further details)

Bank account details:

Name of Account: Stiftelsen LAMS

Name of Bank: Nordea Bank Norway ASA

IBAN number: NO6061885669742


Account number: 6188 56 69742

All funds collected in Norway for the LAMS school are managed by Stiftelsen LAMS, which is a member of the Fundraising Control. The foundation is registered with the Norwegian Foundations Authority and manages all collected funds in accordance with its statutes and purpose.

Thanks to all our friends and contributors